Church of Santa Maria, in Serpa

The Church of Santa Maria, also referred to as Igreja Matriz de Serpa in Alentejo, located in the vicinity of Serpa Castle, in Largo de Santa Maria or Largo dos Santos Próculo and Hilarion, in the parish of Santa Maria, Serpa municipality , Beja district, Portugal.

Its original building dates back to the fourteenth century, probably having been performed on an ancient Arab mosque.

Outside, it highlights the impressive entrance portal and its side pillars, which support two images of St. Peter and St. Paul. Sports, still, a bell square tower on the left. The current structure of the quadrangular bell tower houses inside an old cylindrical structure, which may have been the ancient minaret mesquita.

The interior consists of three naves, divided by arches supported by columns. The side chapels have examples of gilt, witnessing the decorative richness of the Baroque. The main chapel, dominating the whole set, the date of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. In the remaining decoration, stand out even a statue of Our Lady of Fatima, images of Christ and other vegetal, animal and human elements.

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