Clock Tower, in Vidigueira

This not religious monument Vidígueira gained more value when Vasco da Gama, in 1520, ordered to make a bell to put this tower whose date of construction is unknown.

In a more recent phase, the City Council has made restoration work, which included the laying of hands on the clock. The hours are still marked by family chimes of the bell.

The tower was also provided with a lighting system. In your figure the night wins a gold and impressive brightness, especially in the middle of the village houses.

The clock tower is a rectangular building, with a spiral staircase that leads to a guard with grilhagem bricks. Has an ornate on each side and in the middle guard shack that houses the bell Navigator. The Clock Tower conserves the browser memory Vasco da Gama, once the bell, with the arms of Gama family, was offered to the town by the Count of Vidigueira.

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