Royal Basilica of Castro Verde

The Real Basilica of Castro Verde Real Basilica is an imposing temple that marks clearly visible on the urban center of the village. Your altar – mor is coated gilt and the inside covered with very rich panels of the eighteenth century tiles depicting the Battle of Ourique, legendary episode linked to the founding of the nation.


The title of Real Basilica was granted by King John V in honor of the victory of the first king of Portugal – D. Afonso Henriques – on the five kings Moors, which occurred on July 25, day of Santiago, ran the year 1139.

tesouro_basilica of castro verde

In Castro Verde Real Basilica can also visit the Treasury of the Basilica, museum center of religious art, where you can enjoy some of the most important religious ornaments of the county, with special emphasis on the head-reliquary of St. Fabiano (Casével) and the Custody the very Basilica.

The Treasury is integrated into the network of religious art centers of the Historical and Artistic Heritage Department of Beja Diocese.

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