Museum of Rural Affairs, Museu da Ruralidade, in Castro Verde

In Entradas in Castro Verde municipality, is one of the most visited museums in the Alentejo.

This is the intends to play an important role in safeguarding the intangible heritage and, in particular, in creating a space for dialogue between the tangible and intangible heritage. The objective is to safeguard and studying the ethnographic heritage of this territory situated between the slopes of its hills and the pottery of Beja.

This space is divided into three exhibition areas: a temporary exhibition area where patents are some agricultural tools and objects representative of Campaniça rurality; the area of semi-permanent exhibitions where you can visit a blacksmith’s workshop, the estate of the last Abegão Castro Verde and some thumbnails of agricultural implements and the Center of Orality., which has the maximum proximity of the exhibits in relation to visitors, that is, they can move the pieces and to put the machines running.

A tavern and the Alentejo sing called Cante Alentejano are other ingredients of this museum.

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