Povoado das Mesas do Castelinho From The Iron Age, in Almodôvar

With occupancy to go back to the Iron Age, the Castelinho of seating town is located on a high point but weak territorial domain, the natural border zone between Serra do Algarve and the Alentejo. Among the remaining ruins are vestiges of Islamic occupation. The most notorious is a small fortress dating from the Umayyad period, with oval plan, surrounded by a moat, built on the top deck of the ancient settlement from the Iron Age. Despite its current state of disrepair, the contours of the moat allowed identify a walled area occupying between 700 and 800 square meters. Also the massive emplacements two rectangular towers were identified one by West, advanced towards the walls with about 4 x 5 meters, and another to the north, slightly protruding, also with about five meters away.

The archaeological excavations also have revealed silos in indoor and outdoor fortification, where was exhumed a rich set of ceramic fragments dating from the X-XI centuries. The analysis of organic remains concluded that Islamic populationsMesas do Castelinho – “Castelinho Desks” would in hunting the main power supply, which also points to a little sedentary community, possibly warriors functions. Could it is originally a military trim, in proximity of which was installed or an existing grown rural community.

The various archaeological campaigns in this archaeological site have identified the presence of several fortifications (though without cistern, perhaps due to the proximity of a water mine) built between the Iron Age and the Umayyad period when they erected a watchtower surrounded by a moat , at a time when the town of occupation have taken a sharp permanence character after the Republican Roman period have left traces on the site diversified its full activity. The evidence gathered during the excavations seem, however, point to the presence of the oldest occupations, which remontarão the Chalcolithic and Bronze Age the end.

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