The Almodovar village is marked in medieval Islamic cartography under the name “Al-Mudura” a word that means “round thing” or “fenced round.” The village was rebuilt at the time of the Muslim invasion of the Iberian peninsula, the time it was surrounded by walls and built a castle, whose remains, however, disappeared.

At the time of the Christian Reconquista of the peninsula belonged to the Master of the Order of Santiago, with letter charter granted by Dinis of Portugal on 17 April 1285. Through this document were provided great privileges, among them “the people do not pay part in any toll “or” the village cattle and his term pay mounts “as established in the Livro de Regimento de Verdes e Montados “Rules book of Greens and mounted”.

Later, Manuel I of Portugal, on June 1, 1512 granted the Foral New to the village, confirming and extending the privileges granted by D. Dinis.

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